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Il Blog Affidabile


C'e' Crisi!

Handgemachtes, DIY Bedarf und Kursangebote

is published on Paperblog. 
Alex from C'è crisi c'è crisi, is a contributor of the italian version and 
asked me to post as guest editor my tutorial.
Thanks Alex!!!

"Tutorial di riuso creativo: come decorare bottiglie e barattoli di vetro 
con la tecnica dell'uncinetto - designed by Sara Arts-"
 it.Paperblog.com (click and read the post)

and Handmade Italy DaWanda Group speak about
Sara Arts - My Wish List

"Hello! Sara writes a blog about Handmade Items, and every Friday she shares...I am on her Wish List this week, ...Sara, thank you a lot! Grazie mille! :) ....." - Laubau
"Hallo Zusammen, meine Leucht- und Dekokugel wurde in einem Handmade-Kunst-Blog veröffentlicht....." - LonasArt

November 2012
to her "Shop finds Treasury #3"

regalo di natale, oggetti handmade, gioielli handmade, gioieli fatti a mano, comprare bijoux online, etsy, artesanum

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