my coffee room

Welcome in my coffee room!!! 

Would you like anything to drink, visit and follow?

Break the daily routine and relax looking around
New artists and crafters are waiting for You!

This is a tiny corner in which you can stop for a while
and read about lovely "little worlds" to visit and follow.

I like wandering around, look for new artist, crafters and more...
It’s a pleasure to share my new discoveries with you.

Take few minutes....just the time for a cup of coffee together and 
have a look to fresh and cute ideas.

my Interview with the Artist 

Il sito degli Antuche

Join my blog and leave your comments...
it's so nice to read your feedbacks about my suggestions ...;)))

If you have a “little world” too, let me know….
join my blog and mail me
I will come and visit you soon… next suggestion may be You!!!

my Suggestions:

pretty things around

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