Friday, 1 June 2012

My Wish List §8

Good Friday Morning Folks,

In Sara Art Studio it’s time 
to spread out and support quality art and handmade!!!
As you already know each Friday 
I share with you my favourite five Art Works and Handmade Creations
and ask you to vote your favourite one  
that will be part of My Wish List as guest next Week.
( find the poll on the left column )

My Wish List §8

1. Katy Schmitt - Magarete

Katy Schmitt - Magarete

2. Sweetfelt - Corubruxinha

♥♥♥ Corubruxinha ...
Sweetfelt - Corubruxinha

3. Regi Rivas - Marinero

Regi Rivas - Marinero

4. Quinn 68 - Daisy Soo

daisy soo
Quinn 68 - Daisy Soo

5. Herman - # 2030 portret

# 2030 portret
Herman - # 2030 portret

and now.....

Your favourite Art Work of the Week §7
 The Dodge Sisters
the artist is Abigail McKenzie
from abigail mckenzie illustration

The Dodge Sisters
Abigail McKenzie - The Dodge Sisters

Click the images and read more about the Artists and their works!!!!
Share your love for Arts and Handmade!!!!
Would you like to know Art Works and Handmade Creations featured  till now?

Lovely artists among you have already joined  
and uploaded many cute images.
 I thank all of them, and invite you to join us and have fun!!!!
It's always a pleasure to meet and visit new "little worlds".
Let's spread out our creativity and meet each others!!!

"Which is your favourite Art Work of the week?"
Spreaders and lovers of arts have 7 days to vote Your favourite 
among the five Art Works listed this Week.
The winner will be featured in the next "My Wish List".
On the left column find the poll and give your preference.

Are you featured on Sara Arts – My Wish List
Let your readers know it with this banner. 
Copy and past the HTML Code in your blog

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If you have problems with the HTML Code, contact me!

Would you like to help me to find your “little world” and your creations?

Here some steps to follow:
1. Go to my Flickr Group "Sara Arts - My Wish List ". 
Join and upload photos of your Art Works, Handmade Creations. The manufactures you are going to share with the group must be yours.  
Nice people don’t pass off someone else’s hard work as their own.
(please upload images at least 500 pixel wide and no more than three per day. Add to each photo a short description with the web address you want to be linked back.)
2. Join my blog, it's optional, but it would be nice from you.
Each Friday five among your creations will be part of my "My wish list". 
Note  Sara Arts reserves the right to refuse links to sites not related to its own theme/purpose or discart  images if not supporting its blog and flickr group content. Thank you for your understanding.

See you soon,


  1. Hi Sara!! Grazie mille again!! Hugs and kisses!!!

    1. Hi Paula, You're welcome..;))))...It's always a pleasure to have your creations listed!!! Let's know your followers about and invite them to vote!!!!



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