Thursday, 9 August 2012

Homemade Jar Covers

Hi Folks,

How are you? I’m completely relaxed after a full week with my family and far from the daily routine.
Now I'm really happy to be back... I was missing you guys…really!!!!….
I missed you, your lovely comments, My Wish List….and the time spent sharing with you
my works!!!
So let go….I have so many things to tell you!!!

Homemade Jar Cover
Sara Arts - Homemade Jar Covers

Few months ago I bought some “Deko Stoffe”, a common country style fabric for decorations.
The material is 100% polyester, normally I use only cotton
and don't like synthetic fibres. 
But it was extremely cheap, and I decided to buy it anyway.

Two days ago, I had an idea on how to use it and I made some Jar Covers 
for my sweet sweet homemade jams and marmalade
Here some images....

Homemade Jar Cover
Sara Arts - Homemade Jar Covers

This image is of the real first sample.
I cut a square of fabric and sew with a zig-zag stich all around.  
The side of the square needs to be approximately two times the diameter of the caps.
This rule fits quite well all my jars and is easy to remember.

Homemade Jar Cover
Sara Arts - Homemade Jar Covers
Then I fix them with yarn and add a label. Here you can see my labels,
they are simple without ribbons and colours.

Homemade Jar Cover
Sara Arts - Homemade Jar Covers

I love the final result, my pantry looks so cute now!!!!! And the covers are fast and
easy to make. Now I have only to verify if the synthetic material is better than cotton.
Do you have already tried both? What is your exsperience?

Homemade Jar Cover
Sara Arts - Homemade Jar Covers

Here my breakfast today: fruits, raspberry jam (Homemade by me!!!!) and
a huge cup of American Coffee...Yuppi!!!!

See You soon,


  1. so sweet

    xoxo of paris

    1. Thanks!!!!! Welcome in my little world Iness!!



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