Monday, 13 August 2012

My Monday Song

Good Monday morning Folks,

Yesterday evening I saw the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympic games
I have really enjoy it, and appreciated the final introduction to the next Olympic games 
by the Brazilian team of performers. 

Among them I saw for the first time Marisa Monte. So elegant in her blue and white dress!!!! 
Wasn't she?
And this morning I browsed to know more about her.

One of her songs is "My Monday Song"!!!!! Enjoy.....;))))

See You soon


  1. Marisa is great, isn't she? I know her becoz she was the female singer in one of the Tribalistas' records. I used to know all of their songs back when I studied Portuguese at the Uni...

    I had to practise the language but also I fell in love with what they call "fado". Are you familiar with this genre at all?

    Kiss kiss,

  2. Hi Alex!!! Do you know Marisa? That's great!!!! I love Tribalistas, but I suppose to have missed the one with Marisa Monte.

    I don't know Portuguese, but I love "fado" as well.

    Thanks to have stopped by, It's always a pleasure to hear from you,



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