Monday, 12 November 2012

My Monday Song

Good Monday Morning Folks!!!!!

I'm back from my long jorney!!!! It's more than 1 month I don't post and browse the net...
I miss you all guys!!!!!

I would like to Thanks all of you that follow me with so much love!!!!!

Thanks for your lovely comments and messages !!!!
Thanks to have carried on and uploaded so cute art works and handmade creations
in "My Wish List" Flickr Group  while I was away!!!!
This Friday I will post My Wish List §25, stay tuned!!!!

With great pleasure I have added new links to my "Links Page". This means that some of you have added my Logo to their Blog front page or Link Page!!!!!
It's so nice you join my idea to promote each others and our love for handmade!!!
Check my lovely Links and have fun!!!!!

Red crochet Necklace

I have already started my tour among your blogs and shops, 
I need some days to come and visit all of you, and discouver what's going on!!!!!

In the meantime I wish to suggest you and visit Alex's "C'è crisi c'è crisi" blog.
She is a smart italian blogger with brilliant ideas to promote and give exposure 
to artists, crafters and handmade lovers.

c'e' crisi, c'e' crisi!

"Shop in my Shop" is one of her last projects to spread the latest handmade creations on the net.
Click the banner and read a new way to promote your shop and your creations!!!!!
Christmmas time is near, what's better than help each others to share our Collections!!!!!

I would like to send a special "Thank You" to Alex,
she added my shop to the list while I was away.
"It's so nice to find sweet people as You, Alex!!!!" ;))))

Today I suggest this fabolouse track by Giovanni Allevi, 
and I wish you a great week!!!!

See You soon,


  1. Ciao sara!!!sono felice di risentirti :) un bacio

    1. Ciao Ilaria,
      che bello ricevere il tuo messaggio,


  2. Ciao Saretta, e' un piacere riaverti tra noi e ti ringrazio per avermi menzionato, sei troppo un tesoro!

    Ti mando un bacione e ti auguro un' ottimo fine settimana,

    1. Ciao Alex, è sempre un piacere parlare delle tue iniziative!!!!

      Buona settimana


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