Friday, 25 November 2011

My Wish List –Part II

Hi All,

Welcome to my post dedicated to my Wish List - part II,
there are so many tiny Handmade Creations around...
I would like to share with You my favourites
If You like them as well as I do or wish to send me Your suggestions 
Please don't hesitate...leave Your Comment to this post!!!!!

Let's start then...

Kritzelmaedchen - Mr. Scnauzer und Mr. Bart Buttons

This cute creation is part of Kritzelmaedchen Collection. Hübsch!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweetcase - Funky fabric bracelet

Great idea from Sweetcase, it could be perfect as accessory for a special occasion!

Sara Arts - Audrey, Handmade Card

This is now listed in Sara Arts..;PPPP...
Why are my creations in my Wish List? Why not?
I love it.....
I designed Audrey and Catherine
thinking of which kind of greeting Cards I would like to receive more...
and here they are.....;)))...

Sara art - Catherine, Handmade Card
I cannot insert Audrey without Catherine, I'm sorry..:),
the reason is that I do not really know which is my favourite one yet.

When I look at these shining Handmade Cards I flight with my imagination..

and this is the soundtrack of my dreams...."Come Away with Me" by Paolo Conte
When I listen to this song..all around me....

It's wonderful..da di du di du......

and....Let's carry on with my list...

Jenfashion - Tropical leotard or swimsuit

This is realized by Jenfashion. Simply great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is all for now
Have fun and click on the links
to know more about.....


This week is quite over

Have a nice Weekend,


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