Thursday, 2 February 2012

Frühstuck mit “die Kirsche”

Hi all,

Have you had a lovely breakfast time this morning? 
I had a special one.

Sara Arts - Frühstück mit Kirschen

Today two minutes before sitting and have 
Yogurt, muesli and
a huge cup of American coffee 
(my first love ♥♥♥)
I played with
my newest table towel 
and my Yogurt flavour…both with cherries!!!


I found it funny at 7 o’clock in the morning !!!!!
 I use to think that
One of the best way to start a new day is...
making things you love
 and today I did it!!!


Sara Arts - Serviette mit die Kirsche

And here thanks to one of the picture of my special breakfast, I introduce you:

"die Serviette mit der Kirsche"

Six months ago I bought two table towels on sale; one of them is the white one in this picture with "Die Kirsche". I never used them before, till now.

Its Total White was too boring, but this new version with my crochetted Cherry is different...

I like it..;))))...
and it's so easy to decorate a towel with it
it takes less than five minutes!!!!

I have just finished part of my "New Project":
coloured and funny 
Crochetted Appliques
and start using them daily is amazing!!!!

Sara Arts - Frühstück mit die Kirsche

Sara Arts - New Facebook page Logo

see you soon,

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Sara Arts

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