Sunday, 5 February 2012

My weekly Suggestion: Lotti’s Welt

Herzliche Willkommen bei “ My Coffee Room”!!!!!

As you already know, it’s a pleasure for me to have a break with you, just the time for a hot cup of coffee ( ♥♥♥ ), and talk about a “little world” I discovered wandering around..;)))

Today I introduce you a new “little world”:  
Sara Arts - Lotti's Welt Laden

Two month ago I was looking for playful and original fabrics nearby and…
my research stopped in Lotti’s Welt website.  
 Its coulorful images caught immediately my attention and 
after a long tour among its pages I loved it. 

Sara Arts - Lotti's Welt Stoffe

If you read the “ Über Lotti’s Welt” page 
you should know more about it and discover 
how passion and creativity could make the difference.

I have to tell the truth this time I am quite lucky, because Lotti’s Welt shop is on the Web, 
but also in Zürich…easy to reach for me…Yuppy!!!!...
and…the day after my discovery I was there..;))))

Sara Arts - Lottis Welt Laden

What a great exposition of handmade creations
 clothes, accessories, appliqués, school gadgets,…toys…fabrics, ribbons….
all for little boys, girls...and more!!!!   

 Here some picture of them, but you will find more 
both in the website and facebook page.

Sara Arts - Lotti's Welt stuff

In this occasion I have met Deborah. 
She started her Lotti’s Welt adventure three years ago and I understand why 
the friends of Lotti’s Welt continue to grow: 
she is brilliant!!!

“In a world in which everything is going faster and faster”, as Deborah wrote, 
Lotti's Welt is a corner in which it’s easy to stop, relax and 
find great things  
handmade with love

Sara Arts - Lotti's Welt stuff

Don’t stop and follow me, soon I will tell you 
the story of how Sara Arts and Lotti’s Welt 
 lovely collaboration started

Sara Arts Applikationen bei Lotti's Welt

 have a nice weekend
see you soon,



  1. Hello :) this shop is really lovely +_+!
    is it in Germany ? (I guess?) I hope I can find one like this in the Netherlands!! I wonder about your collaboration. Sounds great :)

  2. Hi!!!!!
    Welcome in Sara Arts little World!!!!

    This lovely corner is in Zürich!!! If you wish you could visit its shop on line..;)))

    Hope to hear from you soon!!!


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