Monday, 20 February 2012

My new project: a Lovely Tablecloth - part I

Hi All,

A great Monday to everyone!!!
Yesterday evening I started this new project, I am really happy of that.

Usually the patterns, I use, are designed by me. 
Few times I follow patterns I have found and liked more.

Sara Arts -  Crocheted Tablecloth (Part I)

Six months ago I saw an image of a red Tablecloth 
in an old Crochet Magazine
 and immediately it was on my “to do list”!!!

Yesterday evening I decided to realize personally the gift 
I will give to a special couple,  friends of mine...
and this Tablecloth is what I would like to realize for them!!!!   

So I started crocheting and here the images of the first day at work!!!! 

Sara Arts -  Crocheted Tablecloth (Part I)

Instead the red , I use a pale yellow yarn….
 I like it more…Here the first two flowers…

Sara Arts -  Crocheted Tablecloth (Part I)

The Magazine in which I have found it belongs to 
Cucirini Coats” company .  
The one I have at home is extremely old!!!! 

 Today I was curious to discover if they are still alive, well I am sure they are, 
because I use their yarns to sew, but I have no idea 
if they publish still magazines or have a web site.

With a great pleasure I have found something about them here: 
Go and have a look!!!
 I know it is in Italian and could be a tricky,
but you will find lots of images with advices and new original projects..

Check it out and let me know your opinion about!!!!

This evening I will carry on with my Tablecloth…., 

soon I will post more images of it,
 don’t stop and follow me!!!!


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  1. ciao Sara!! bellissimo il tuo blog e le tue creazioni. Claudia


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