Thursday, 1 March 2012

My new project: a Lovely Tablecloth – part II

Hi All,

Early this morning my new project was waiting for me!!!
…my lovely tablecloth is quite finish
and this is how it looks now.

Sara Arts - my lovely tablecloth - part II

I posted about it ten days ago more or less 
 I thought to have much more time to carry on with it, unfortunately....
evenings are tooooo short, as you know!!!
The time spent crocheting is always great so I don’t mind how long it will take..;))))

Sara Arts - my lovely tablecloth - part II

Now I have finished the central part. I should start the ornament all around,
but I am not so sure about.
If I follow the pattern, I’m afraid of making the tablecloth too large. 
This is a gift, as you already known ( My new project: a Lovely Tablecloth – part I ) , 
and I would like to realize it in order to fit as much tables as possible…;))))

Sara Arts - my lovely tablecloth - part II

I did not mind to check the size before; I just found, liked and started it….
I’m still sure this is a brilliant idea, but now I need time to take a decision:
follow the last part of this pattern or  
realize the final row by myself!!!!...

Have you any idea about?

The Magazine in which I have found it belongs to 
CuciriniCoats” company and you should find the images of the project 



  1. Il risultato finale è proprio bello!! Un abbraccio e buonissima giornata

  2. Ciao Marifra79,

    ben trovata nel mio piccolo mondo!!!! Grazie dei complimenti, sono contenta ti sia piaciuto...In realtà sono ancora alle prese con la scelta di come finire gli ultimi a giorni devo assolutamente venirne a capo...sono troppo curiosa di scoprire cosa riesco a combinare e condividerlo con tutti voi!!!!

    un abbraccio e una buona giornata anche a te,


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