Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mein Blog ist CO2 Neutral

Hi All,

Today Sara Art Studio joins
 “My blog is carbon neutral” 

This is a program started in Germany by the “Mach’s Grün” (Make it Green). 
Their goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and in their website You will realize  
 how they work and their projects!!!!

I am really proud of taking part to this initiative and make my small contribution to the environment.
They will plant a tree for my blog in order to neutralize my carbon footprint 
for the next 50 years!!!!....

Go to their website and join their projects!!!  

Mach’s Grün – German link http://www.kaufda.de

Mach deinen Blog CO2 Neutral

If  You like You will find more info also here:
I plant a tree     http://www.iplantatree.org/home

 Every tree counts!

See You

1 comment:

  1. Sara Arts is Carbon Neutral now!!!!! "Make it green" team had just sent me the link of their new project...follow the link below..;)))


    Vielleicht wird Sara Arts Baum da pflanzen..;P



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