Sunday, 25 March 2012

My new project: a Lovely Tablecloth – part III

Good Morning !!!!

The “lovely Tablecloth” is done!!!!! 

Sara Arts - My lovely Tablecloth

I have stopped it for a week; I was no sure on how to carry on with it…
Do you remember? 
Follow the original pattern or make changes? 
This was the question..;((((… 

Sara Arts - My lovely Tablecloth part III

Here the work just before the last round!!! How you can see….
delicious chocolate Pralines helped me to crochet faster and faster!!!!

Sara Arts - My lovely Tablecloth part III

 I have stopped to follow the pattern and realized my own last round.
Here my final result!!!!

Sara Arts - My lovely Tablecloth

I like its medium size!!! 
It is amazing how it looks completely different without the leafs all around. 

Sara arts - My lovely tablecloth part III
Now My Lovely Tablecloth is ready to be given away. 
I am going to use black paper and raffia for the packaging 
and a Greeting Card  from my Something Special Cards Collection

see you soon,


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad I get to look around yours too! Keep up the happy hooking!

    1. Nice to find you here!!!! Thanks to have stopped by..;)))

  2. So lovely tablecloth. Sometimes (okay, quite often) I also have some chocolate around my workplace just to stimulate me :)

    1. Hi Hanni,

      Seriously? That's a great news....I do quite often as well..;)

      See you soon!!!



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