Friday, 4 May 2012

My Wish List - §4

Hi Folks,

This week is quite over and here in Sara Art Studio it’s time 
to spread out and support quality art and handmade!!!

As I told you last Friday (My Wish List §3, click here to read more….
each week I share with you my favourite five Art Works and Handmade Creations

Then here on the left column all of you can vote
"Which is your favourite Art Work of the week?
the winner will be part of My Wish List as guest the Week after.
Click the links suggested and know more about the Artists and their works!!!!

Lovely artists among you have joined my Flickr Group Sara Arts – My Wish List 
and uploaded many cute images.
 I thank all of them, and invite you to join us on Flickr and have fun!!!!
It's always a pleasure to meet and visit new "little worlds".
Let's spread out our creativity and meet each others!!!

My Wish List §4

1. Waschbear - Mosaic Piggy Bank with blue flowers  five different vintage plates all with a blue flower motiv on a piggybank base 25 x 20 cm

Waschbear - Mosaic Piggy Bank with blue flowers
2.  Dilkathebear -  "In my kingdom" acrylic on wood 30 x 40 cm

"In my kingdom"
dilkathebear -  "In my kingdom"
3. Ana Paula Rimoli - Una Ovejita

una ovejita
Ana Paula Rimoli - Una Ovejita

4. Hanaletters - The hand of fate on a stick felt brooch

The hand of fate on a stick felt brooch
Hanaletters - The hand of fate on a stick felt brooch
5. Rintintinneke - Untitled with Delia Dollface acrylic on wooden doll 10 cm high

Rintintinneke - Untitled with Delia Dollface acrylic on wooden doll 10 cm high

...and now listed as special guest of the week

Your favourite Art Work of the week §3

the artist is Tamires Selle
from Gaia Artesanatos  

Gaia Artesanatos - DETALHES Borboleta

"Which is your favourite Art Work of the week?"
Spreaders and lovers of arts have 7 days to vote Your favourite 
among the five Art Works listed.
The winner will be featured in the next "My Wish List".
On the left column find the poll and give your preference.

Click the links and know more about these Art Works and Handmade Creations!!!!

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Would you like to help me to find your “little world” and your creations?

Here some steps to follow:
1. Go to my Flickr Group "Sara Arts - My Wish List ". 
Join and upload photos of your Art Works, Handmade Creations. The manufactures you are going to share with the group must be yours.  
Nice people don’t pass off someone else’s hard work as their own.
(please upload images at least 500 pixel wide and no more than three per day. Add to each photo a short description with the web address you want to be linked back.)
2. Join my blog, it's optional, but it would be nice from you.
Each Friday five among your creations will be part of my "My wish list". 
Note  Sara Arts reserves the right to refuse links to sites not related to its own theme/purpose or discart  images if not supporting its blog and flickr group content. Thank you for your understanding.
See You soon,


  1. Good morning Sarah, great to see my butterfly flying around again!
    kisses and thanks! Your work is wonderful!

    1. Hi Tamires,
      thanks for your sweet comment....and Congratulation your Creation is the favourite of the Week!!!!!

      See You soon,

  2. Hi Sara, I just love the Borboleta from last week, she's soooooooo cute!!!

    As per the present week wishlist, it wasn't difficult at all to choose my fav amongst your picks. My favourite ones are "In my kingdom" & "Untitled with Delia Dollface acrylic on wooden doll 10 cm high".

    As per my contest BCB, at the moment you and Blu are level on 30 points each....

    Well done, sweetheart!

    1. Hi Alex,

      so happy... your favourite "Borboleta" is the weekly winner!!!!!

      For what concern your contest's so cute to take part as one of the three Creative blog of the week!!!!!



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