Monday, 7 May 2012

My Monday Songs

Good Monday Morning!!!!!

How are you? Today I’m a bit tired. 
Fortunately it’s not so bad, because remembered me a song I love…..

Eurythmics – Sweet Dream (Are made of this)

..and now….I’m charging up  my batteries, dancing and typing this post….
maybe too much things at the same time, but it’s so cute!!!!

Do you remember the Best Creative Blog of the Week Award by C'è crisi c'è crisi. ?  
 I told you last week in my “What’s going on?” post.  
Sara Art Studio is one of the three blog in competition for the Award by Alex alias Topogina. 
You have still 8 days to vote, so let’s go and give your preference!!!!

Best Creative Blog of the Week  Award

This is the 9th edition of Best Creative Blog of the Week Award by C'è crisi c'è crisi.  
I take part with two of my projects: “Die Applikationen” and “My Blossoms”. 
Spring is just started and fresh fruits and flowers are all around. 
Why not spread out some of Sara Arts Fruits and blooming Flowers!!!! 

Sara Arts - Die Kirsche Applikation

As you already know I have always breakfast with my loved cherries.....
(click and read more Früshstuck mit "die Kirsche")

Sara Arts - My Blossoms
…and don’t go out without at least three Blossoms!!!!

I’m so pleased to be in competition with other two lovely blogs 
and I would like to introduce them to you.  

Un sorriso senza Gatto - Blu is the artist and here some of her amazing creations

Un sorrisi senza Gatto - Le mie Gioie

Rory's Bijoux - Roberta is the artist and here one of her handmade earrings

"I tuoi colori" Chandeliers
Rory's Bijoux - "I tuoi colori" Chandeliers

Recently  Rory's Bijoux joined my Flickr Group Sara Arts - My Wish List
so you will find  also her creations  there.
Thanks Roberta to share with us your creativity and love for arts!!!!
Blu, we are waiting for you!!!!

On Friday I posted “My Wish List §4” and 
now you can vote your favourite Art Work of the Week on the left column of my blogroll!!!!!
If you like to read more click here My Wish List page !!!!

Have you already given your vote for the "Best Creative Blog of the Week
Click and Vote on the left column 

See You soon,


  1. Ma grazie di cuore a te per avermi inserita sul tuo post!!!, gentilissima e felicissima di averti conosciuto ;).
    Buona giornata!.

  2. Grazie!...un'idea proprio carina!!!
    Un sorriso senza gatto


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