Monday, 27 August 2012

My Monday Song

Good Monday morning Folks,

You know I love music and what better way to start a new week with a song...
today I share this one, one of my favourite, and 
send a big "Thank You" to Laura
from "Vietato annoiarsi - It is forbidden to be bored".

She is so nice and gives the Award as “Blog 100% Reliable” to Sara Art Studio
What does it mean?

Il Blog Affidabile

This Award is born in Italy to help readers to find bloggers that day after day edit 
with passion and enthusiasm their blogs, but too often are unknown.
 ( if you like you can find more about here , sorry I don't know about 
a similar Award in other countries or related translations. 
Please, if you know more about it leave your comment and links, it would be really helpful!!) 

And Laura is one among them. Her blog is full of happiness and joy. 
She is an artist, knows as Laubao and loves to write about her life and her handicrafts. 

Here you can find her blog  Vietato annoiarsi - It is forbidden to be bored
and if you are corious last week she was guest in my coffee room
 here my interview with Laubau

Il Blog Affidabile

And today Sara Art Studio is one of the Blog 100% reliable
 I started blogging 2 years ago more or less, and the reason was to share with others 
my love for handmade and talk about my handicrafts. 
Since I was young I play with raw materials and crafts, spend hours sketching and 
thinking of how to upcycle what is around me and unused.

Il Blog Affidabile

Here find in brief what a "Blog 100% Reliable" means. 
This part is from Laura blog, her english is so nice and I could not do it better.

"How to recognise a Reliable Blog?  
Thanks to some simple but important rules:
1) It is regularly updated
2) It shows the passion of the author for the subject he/she is writing about
3) It encourages sharing and active participation of the readers
4) It offers useful and original contents and informations
5) It is not full of advertising"

And now is time to share my nominations, 5 blog that I recognise as " Blog 100% Reliable":

C'è crisi c'è crisi
La classe della Maestra Valentina
 Love Potion Design
 La notte le giorno le creo

Click and visit them, you will enjoy your tour, I'm sure!!!

See You soon,


  1. Hi Sara!!
    Thank you for your nice post!!'re really kind!! My English is not so good yet, but I'm working on improving it! :)
    You deserve this award! You're really creative and full of passion!
    Have a nice week!! :)

  2. Grazie sara!!!!!è un bel traquardo per me essere premiata "Blog 100% Reliable" ....grazie mille!!!un bacione:*

  3. Cara Sara grazie per la piacevolissima sorpresa.
    Grazie per aver pensato al mio blog.
    Un forte abbraccio
    Maestra Valentina

  4. Ciao Sara, rientrata ieri sera dalle vacanze e trovare il tuo premio is a Good start!!!Grazie mille per aver pensato a me. Un abbraccio . Claudia

  5. (...ciao! c'è un errore con una foto che hai inserito, non riesco a vederla!) ..ciao!


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