Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blumeli Shots Gallery - 2

Hi folks,

Few days ago I received a great gift from Italy. 
News and wonderful shots from Sunny and Annalisa.

Blumeli Sunny & Annalisa

I'm always so happy to hear from You that love my creations and have care of them.
Is not Annalisa so cute in these pics???

I can't stop taking shots of them in the real world, they are so funny!!
Some among you is doing the same...;))))...
and are been so nice to send me some of their shots!!!!

It's a pleasure to share your images of my Blumeli in my
  Blumeli Shots Gallery
 An amazing way to follow them around the world!!!!

 Thanks so much Annalisa's mum and dad for being so kind
and sending me these lovely images!!!!!

If you like to know more about my Blumeli Shots Gallery,
click HERE 
and find all the info you need about my Blumeli and how to have fun with them.
If you like to have a tour of the Gallery you have to go to my Flickr page
or click on  Blumeli Shot Gallery

My Blumeli are not listed in my store at the moment. They will be available in few days.
If you like You can always make your order by mail.

See You soon

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