Friday, 10 June 2011

My Wild Red Rose Card

This is one of my new creations. At first I painted this Wild Red Rose as album decoration, then I realized that it could be perfect also for a lovely Card..;))))

I paint it on 200g weight paper card using watercolours and ink. The Wild Red Rose Card fit perfect every needs for an elegant events, thanks to its simple design and bright colours.

If you want to know more about, feel free..mail me!!!...;)))). 
I will be glad to answer to all your questions. 

Questa è una delle mie nuove creazioni. Prima ho iniziato a dipingerla come decorazione per i miei album, poi mi sono accorta che poteva essere perfetta per un deliziosa “Card”..;))))

La dipingo con acquarelli e china su carta di 200g. È perfetta per ogni occasione grazie al suo design d’impatto ed ai suoi colori brillanti.

Se desiderate maggiori informazioni al riguardo contattatemi via mail saró lieta di rispondere a tutte le vostre domande.



  1. I love it, Sara! You’re right, it’s simplicity exudes notable elegance. Its appearance gives me an impression that the event is romantic and sophisticated. In fact, it has a resemblance to my sister’s prom invitation card. :]

    1. Hi Roslyn,

      thanks for your sweet comment. I hope to see you around soon, it'd be nice to see your sister's prom invitation card too.

      Please let me know where I can find it.



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