Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Weekly Suggestion: duediquadri

Welcome in My Coffee you already know this is my weekly Coffee Break..and  I love to spend it with you talking about my discoveries on the Web!!!!

This week I am particularly glad to introduce you: duediquadri   !!!!!! 
I found them just on Monday and enjoyed their style at first sight!!!!! 

Sara Arts suggests duediquadri
This duediquadri's creation fits perfect here, well done guys!!!!!
I was wandering as usual, when I stopped by Immaginative Bloom
(one of my favorite blog in which I always find inspiring and interesting handmade creations!!!!, thanks Irene to support and share the genuine Handmade..;)) )

Irene had just posted her weekly features creations  and among them I have found 
my favorite one: “Luigi:  Prodigatore di prodigi”…so cute..;))

Sara Arts suggests duediquadri

This is how my amazing travel in “duediquadri” world started!!!! 
I have checked out their blog and looked at their creations.

Sara Arts suggests duediquadri

Super Sachen!!!! Freut mich Duediquadri kennen zu lernen!!!

In 2012 they will celebrate their anniversary:
ten years of  duediquadri - design artigianale

( I gather it from your biography; Let me know when it is exactly!!!...;))) )

I join their way to look at the future…with optimism, ready to work at new projects!!!!...
Go and check out their blog
if you like you will find their shop on line  at Blooming …

have fun,


  1. Oooooo *________*
    I'm so happy! Thanks so much for your words...
    Yes it's true, next year will be our tenth anniversary ^ _ ^
    Kisses and congratulations for your work!
    (I put the link to my blog :-)


  2. Welcome Gabriella and duediquadri in my little world, it's a pleasure to talk about you and your artworks!!!!



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