Tuesday, 11 October 2011

News, news, news….and more News!!!

Hi everybody,

Today I would like to tell you so many things, that I don’t know how to start, really!!!! 
So...let me take a long breath and...let’s go!!!!

1.Something is changed in my blog template

Yesterday I worked a little bit at my settings; I hope you like my new layout….;)))))  Doing things for my tiny blog is       always a “risiko”!!!!! I mean I know when I start, but it’s hard to tell when I finish. 
Sara Art Studio - That's Me

This happened just 24h ago..;)))) Early in the morning the daily plan was just to change the settings in 1 hour; then I spent hours playing with my “About me page” and 
some photos of me...
I had fun, seriously, but “my Monday to do list” is still undone..;((((((…so instead of my Weekly laundry, I have a cool “About Me” page now…that’s no too bad!!!!..;))))

Sara Art Studio - About me Page

I have not only edited my “About me page”, but also this little bookmark:  
In brief…“That’s Me",  
 a “fast and furious” way to describe Sara Arts in three shots!!!!

Sara Art Studio -
In brief...That's Me

 2.Waiting for the Fall Winter Collection 2011 – 2012 poll 
is closed!!!!...ist Fertig!!!!...;)))))  

Your favorite Banner is the number 5. A big “Thanks” to all among you have taken part!!!! I am so proud that you have chosen the Banner with the lovely Blumeli. Jody is the winner!!!!!!

Sara Art Studio - Favourite Banner 2011

 I had closed my poll earlier, cause my third news!!!!!

3.The first part of my Fall Winter Collection is “Now Listed” in my Shop!!!!!!!  

Today I have listed the first 7 items of my new collection in the shop. 
In occasion of “DaWanda’s Discovery Sale”!!!!.... 
Check them out, then!!!!!...Go to my Webshop and

Flower Brooch - Istanbul grey & brown on DaWanda


Discovered on DaWanda

By: sara_arts

Flower Brooch - Istanbul grey & brown

DaWanda Shop-Widget

Don’t stop and follow me, I will post soon more photos and info about each new creations…Stay in touch with Sara Arts!!!!!!

4.You have to wait no longer: my Newsletter for your 
"Christmas Shopping" is coming soon.  

Are you not in my mailing list yet? Don’t loose Sara Arts News and Updates…
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that's all, for now
see you soon,



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Sara Arts

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