Friday, 21 October 2011

My Weekly Suggestion: Sweetcase

Welcome in My Coffee Room....this week is quite over and I have realized it just now.
I’m still thinking to my last suggestion duediquadri, 
and it’s time to introduce you my next one!!!

So let’s talk about “ sweetcase
I found it weeks ago and now I pass by with interest quite often.

Sara Arts suggests sweetcase

This picture caught all my attention!!!!
I learnt how to make a “woolen pon -pon” at school, 
I call them like this since I was young…;)))))..I don't know if it's the right!!
I remember perfectly that lesson, even if several years are gone, because once back at home 
 my own production of Pon-pon started,
seriously…..;))))..…so Funny,..I was seven!!!!!

This is the start point of my sweetcase Tour.
 Irini, the artist, is from Greece and creates fabulous staff with so many different fabrics!!!!

Sara Arts suggests sweetcase

Great Creations!!!!! 
Nice to have discovered your  “little world”.
 I hope to hear from you, Irini, soon!!!

Go and visit sweetcase, then!!!
She writes in Greek, but on the blog roll left column you will find the translater!!!!

Have a nice weekend,


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