Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Old Postcards...

Hi, How are you? 
I’m fine, even if the weather is not good…it might snow Today!!!!
Yesterday I finished late my daily to do list, but I was not sleepy. 
So I decided to write my post about my Istanbul Collection…;O...
but in the end I have started looking my Postcards Collection and I found 
the ones bought in Turkey!!!! 
Sara Arts - Postcards Collection

I had one journey there few years ago…and I remember with pleasure my stay. I did a Tour of Cappadocia and stopped for a while by Istanbul. I visited almost everything, but I will come back for sure to spend much more days in Istanbul……. 

If you like you might visit the Official Tourism Portal, you will find interesting Photos Galleries..and lots info, link ..all you need to discouver this country...;)))...I hope you will find it usefull!

I went in Turkey for Holidays, then…and as I love to do in that occasion I bought some Postcards….
I look at them not often, but I like to thing they are there in my drawer. 

I enjoyed so much the food, the atmosphere…and colours….
and seeing again my Turkish Postcards is great. They recall to me several sweet moments 
with my fellow travelers, Thanks guys!!!!!!

picturte from

I use to say that some of my memories of Turkey are blue!!!!! …

I suppose the reason is that The Blue Mosque should have caught all my attention!!!


I remember some places and particulars of this Holidays with a softer blue filter. 
I like this effect, it makes them look romantic and unique to me..;))))…
Are you used to have coloured memories too? Let me know!!!

And now in Fall Winter Collection (part II),

Sara Arts - Istanbul Brooch blue

Sara Arts - Istanbul Collar blue
If you like to see  Fall Winter Collection (partI) 




  1. Hi Sara!
    I'm adding your blog to the IB links page right now.
    Thank you so much for spreading about the project.
    P.s. great postcard collection!

    Cheers from Italy!

  2. Thanks Irene!!!!

    Sara Arts is one of your official IB Spreaders, then!!!!

    Das ist Wunderbar!!!!!
    Viele Grüsse,



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