Monday, 7 November 2011

Little objects make me smile!!!

Hi all,

Christmas Time is near and here one of my suggestions  
for your "Shopping cart"….

On Friday I introduced you my Blossoms!!!!! Lovely presents for special friends…;)))

Sara Arts - Blossoms, arm accessories
I love little presents. And I like them much more when they come from people I love.
The reason is that I can bring them with me everywhere if I wish. 
The bag, I use daily for example, is full of little objects, Treasures for me
that belong to friends or special moments spent with them. …
and when I look into my bag…I see them and smile... 

Sara Arts - Blossoms, arm accessories

My Blossoms are born as Arm Accessories… playful, colorful wristbands!!!…
and turn easily in Handbag Accessories…or whatever you like …. 
You could ever bring them with you 24h a day……in your Bags…

Sara Arts - Blossoms, arm accessories
They will arrive in a tiny cotton handmade sleeve…
so sweet as gift!!!

Sara Arts - Blossoms, arm accessories

Small and and less than 100 grams
is perfect to send away!!!!!

If you like..
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for your presents 

with love,

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