Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Time in Sara Arts

Hi all,

Christmas Time 
is officially started in
Sara Arts little World

Sara Arts - Blumeli Collection for Christmas

Here there are my tiny Blumeli Charms for Christmas.
One close friend of mine...;))))..asked me to realize some Blumeli 
to give as present to little ladies.
What an unexspected pleasure!!!! 

Thank to this kind request I have realized
my Blumeli Charms.

I would like to introduce them with my favourite Christmas Carol

 Each year is the same for me...;)))...and I love it!!!
twenty days before Christmas (more or less)
I start singing this song..I don't know why..
maybe the first Christmas lights all around, the gorgeous shop windows
..and when it happens...
my own Christmas Time starts!!!!

Today I was looking for Christmas Songs to listen the night 
I will make my Christmas Tree
and I have found this cute version.

Click on play, lissen to my favoutite Christmas Carol
and Enjoy
my Charms Gallery

Sara Arts - Blumeli Christmas Charms

This is my Christmas Charm.
Both the Blumeli and 
the white ribbon are crocheted and then tied together.

Sara Arts - Blumeli Christmas Charm

The small bell in the middle makes it soo sweet!!!!!!

  These are my Newest lucky Charms

Sara Arts - Blumeli lucky Charms

Two cheerful pendants that could be perfect as Christmas decoration for the littlest..;))), 
or to be given as Greetings for a New Born.

I like to imagine:
my lucky Charms as wall decorations 
in a Newborn Baby room!!!!!!

Sara Arts - Blumeli lucky Charm

or little boys and girl trying to add their own fancy decoration 
to a big Christmas Tree 
and  ringing the small bell 
all the time


Sara Arts - Blumeli lucky Charm

each of them will arrive in a gorgeous Case
like this one

Sara Arts - Blumeli Case
if you like you could read more 
in my webshop

see you soon,


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