Tuesday 15 May 2012

"The Lighthouse and the boat" crochet work

Hi Folks,

I would like to send “many Thanks” to all of you that follow me, love my work and 
are been so kind to vote Sara Art Sudio as “The Best Creative Blog of the Week #9”. 

And to do so I will open my lab and show you how one of my newest creation is born!!!! 
Usually I am a bit shy to share images of “me at work”, but 
the story of my crochet landscape is so cute !!!!
Hope you will enjoy it

Sara Arts followers, readers, lovers and new friends just arrived I introduce you….

Sara Arts - Crochet landscape in a frame
On Saturday I have found in a drawer the blue frame I bought two years ago. 
And I had the idea to realize a landscape with crochet appliqués!!!!!   
I started and worked at the patterns…. I love to spend hours to try 
and design with yarn and hook my own appliqués.

the bright blue waves

the small boat

the ancient lighthouse

Then I played with them on the canvas, as you can see now in the storyboard overlying.
Once sure about how to arrange the appliqués on the cotton fabric....

STEP 1: I fixed them first with simple stitches. I hand-knitted with white thread.
To make this step easier it's possible to iron the appliqués on the fabric
(read how to do it here...D.I.Y: How to sew an appliqué)

STEP 2: I switched on my sewing machine and cruised carefully with zig-zag stitches
in order to fix the work color by colour on the fabric

Sara Arts - Crochet Landscape in a frame

here the result just back from the "sewing machine cruise".....

Sara Arts - The lighthouse and the boat crochet work
 "The Lighthouse and the boat
is finished and now looks like this!!!!

Sara Arts - The lighthouse and the boat crochet work
Sara Arts - The lighthouse and the boat crochet work

That's all in a sunny day,
this art work is on commition,
if you are interested contact me!!!!

See You soon,



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Sara Arts

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